Welcome to a Small Church with a Big Heart

A small church is not always a bad thing. In New Testament times most churches met in homes. Now, that's small. Yet, some homes had room to accommodate 120 people. That's a big living room! It was required to have 12 heads of families to establish a synagogue in the time of Jesus. Many were small and found in small towns.

Not many could afford to travel the time and distance to attend a larger, big community synagogues. So, they walked to church and met together with local families of faith.

"Church" in the Bible referred to any gathering of 10-12 families. I know churches that deliberately meet in homes on Sundays. That's intimate. That's local. That's convenient. That's biblical.

Small churches can't do what big mega churches can do. They can't always provide spectacular worship performances, or age-specific worship experiences. But they can and do the basics very well. They are family and individual oriented. You are known and get to know your church family. Everyone knows your name and cares about you and your family.

Visit us: 10 a.m. Sunday mornings. We are 10 minutes from the Cranberry Mall off 79 and 228. We are just 1 mile from the Pittsburgh North Golf Club on Bakerstown Road at Valencia Road.